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Nature Photographer's Toolbox (NPT) is a suite of applications designed to aid and educate nature photographers. These tools include Depth of Field, Sharp Star and Hyperfocal Distance.

In addition to a full range of calculators, NPT also contains Camera Safe, a way for you to document and photograph your gear in case it is stolen or to provide a list for your insurance company. All this information is kept on a secure server and can be accessed remotely from anywhere.

As an added educational bonus, the Matt Cuda Photography Podcast can easily be accessed from within the app.


Depth of Field Calculators

NPT contains both simple and advanced tools for calculating depth of field. In simple mode, the photographer supplies the sensor type, focal length, distance to the subject and aperture.

Advanced mode adds print size and viewing distance to provide a more accurate calculation.

Hyperfocal Distance Calulator

When shooting landscapes, for example, nature photographers often need the ability to determine where to focus in the scene to get maximum hyperfocal distance.
For example, you may want a rock in focus only 4 feet from your lens and the depth of field to extend to infinity. This tool will help you do just that.

Sharp Star Calculator

Astronomy photography has really come of age within the last several years due to advances in camera and lens technology. Because it is often difficult to determine how long of an exposure you will need without causing star blur, NPT has a tool to calculate what shutter speed and focal length you will need to get you the correct exposure. Use it to get as close to that 30 second mark as you can without sacrificing ISO.

Camera Safe

The Nature Photographer's Toolbox gives you a tool to help you keep track of all your gear. In particular you can store any type of gear, their serial numbers and a photo of each piece of gear.

Why is it important to do this? Consider, if suddenly your gear was stolen, or a fire destroyed your home. By keeping a list of your gear and a photograph, you can more easily file an insurance claim or help the police better recover the gear from thieves.

All of the items in Camera Safe are kept in the cloud, backed up and available from any location via a secure connection.

Matt Cuda Photography Podcast

For years now, the Matt Cuda Photography podcast is accessible free of charge. As an added bonus, it made sense to provide an easier way for those who follow the podcast to access it from within NPT. All of the episodes are in a convenient list within the app. This list is automatically kept updated with the latest episodes.

The podcast provides the following features:
  • How to photograph wildlife and general nature subjects
  • Reviews on popular lenses and products
  • Nature Photography Related News
  • Understanding wild subjects