Matt Cuda Nature Photography

Published Works/Tearsheet

Published Publication Title
January 2018
Birds & Blooms Magazine American Gold Finch
January 2018
Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine Screech Owl Yawning
2017 - The CornellLab of Ornithology
All About Backyard Birds (field guide) House Finch on Peach Branch
2016 - Cherry Lake Publishing
Top 10: Stinkers (book) Vulture Talons
2016 - Volume 14
Livability Magazine (Wilkes County) Moravian Falls
February 2016
Bakersfield Magazine (Women and Wildlife) American Black Bear
February 2016
National Geographic Web Site The Call
February 2016
Baton Rouge Zoo Web Site American Bald Eagle
January 2016
Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine The Call
January 2016
Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine Leaf with Dew
September 2015 New Hampshire Fish and Game Great Horned Owl in Flight
June 2015 Martin Military Inc. (sensitive electronics packaging) AH-1 Cobra Gunship
December 2014 Wildlife Extra Short Eared Owl Portrait
July 2014 American Bird Conservancy American Bald Eagle (Quarter Pose)