Matt Cuda Nature Photography


The Call
Lake Norman, NC - A screech owl vocalizing.
ruby-throated hummingbird (female)
Forsyth County, NC - Ruby-throated Hummingbird
The Call
Asheboro, NC - Portrait of a Black Bear

House finch on peach branch
Forsyth County, NC - House Finch on Peach Branch
King eider display
Eastern NC - King Eider Display
Forsyth County, NC - Bumblbee

wave running willet
Fort DeSoto, Florida - Wave Running Willet
dew on leaf
Eastern NC - Dew on Leaf
blue jay in snow
Forsyth County, NC - Bluejay in Snow

great blue heron
Fort DeSoto, Florida - Great Blue Heron
great horned owl
Lake Norman, NC - Great Horned Owl in Flight
blue jay in snow
Fort DeSoto, Florida - Black Skimmer

Pine Forest
Yadkin County, NC - Pine Forest
Wild Horses
Outer Banks, NC - Wild Horses Scrapping
Female Cardinal
Forsyth County, NC - Northern Cardinal

Great Egret in Flight
Orlando, Florida - Great Egret in Flight
Rocky Mountain Elk
Cataloochee, NC - Young Rocky Mountain Elk
Downy Woodpecker
Forsyth County, NC - Downy Woodpecker

Eurasian Eagle Owl
Huntersville, NC - Eagle Owl
American robin nest
Forsyth County, NC - Young Robins
Eastern Bluebird
Forsyth County, NC - Eastern Bluebird